Terms of Use

Since I've caught people plagiarizing whole sections of this site and posting it as their own, I've had to change my policy on the reproduction of elements of this site.

This site is the product of years of work by more people than just myself, including fishermen. It is intended to depict the working life of lobstermen without regard for politics or policies. Please respect our efforts.

Students and teachers wishing to use images from this site are free to do so as long the images are not republished to the web or any other distributed media. If you need to present your work in a web site, please see the terms and guidelines below.

If you intend to copy material from this site strictly for personal use, you may do so freely.

If you intend to publish elements of this site in any media, including the web, please see the terms and guidelines below.


  • No pages, in whole or in part, may be duplicated for republication in any media, including the web.
  • No text, except for captions, may be copied verbatim from this site.
  • Images may be used only with permission from the author. Please specify the image(s) you're interested in and the context in which you plan to use it.
  • Once permission is granted, please follow the guidelines for usage given below.

Guidelines for usage:

  • All images should be accompanied by a copyright credit to the author (©crewdog, The Lobsterman's Page) and optionally contain a link to the 'The Lobsterman's Page' (http://www.lobstermanspage.net) if applicable.
  • Image captions may be copied, however the caption must appear with its original image.
  • Under no circumstances may the caption reflect anything other than the intended meaning of the original caption unless used to describe a link to 'The Lobsterman's Page'.
  • No Images may be used for commercial purposes. Commercial web sites may use images only in implementing a link to 'The Lobsterman's Page' or for the purpose of customer education.
  • No images and / or captions may be used in connection with any political agenda, policy-making, or causes without express authorization.
  • No image may be cropped or digitally altered in such a way as to misrepresent the original intent of the image.