Lobster Biology and Reproductive Behavior

This is an artist's interpretation of an aquarium used to study lobster reproductive behavior as described in a paper by D. Cowan. Dimensions: 6 x 1 x .65m.

Although some of these documents are technical in nature, they still contain interesting information on lobster behavior that is easily understood by all. In other words, don't let the analyses throw you.

Serial Monogamy in Homarus americanus
Diane F. Cowan.
Article describing, in layman's terms, a study done on the mating behavior of lobster.
Molt Staggering and Serial Monogamy in American Lobsters, Homarus americanus
Diane F. Cowan and Jelle Atema.
A study of the system of serial monogamy in lobster reproductive behavior.
The Role of Olfaction in Courtship Behavior of the American Lobster, Homarus americanus
Diane F. Cowan.
A study of the gender-specific role of olfactory chemoreception in lobster courtship.